General Waste

We know how to deliver the best waste management solutions to help our customers meet their waste targets and reach more sustainable goals with our experience. Our waste management and collection services have helped thousands of Australian companies in the commercial, trade, retail, construction, and medical industries, helping them dispose of their waste in a fully compliant manner, in line with the latest legal and environmental legislations.

General waste is common to both commercial establishments and domestic consumers alike. Here’s how the classification works. 

Light Waste

Your general waste bin is the place for items that you would usually throw into the general waste bin at home. These are things that you wouldn’t usually recycle and that often end up in the landfill. Where possible, you should separate your waste to maximize recycling opportunities.

General waste does not include medical waste, chemicals, or hazardous products If something can’t be recycled, it should be put in the bin for general waste collection.

You are responsible for storing your general business waste safely and securely and keeping waste to a minimum by reusing and recycling what you can.

Skips are the perfect solution for soil, rubble, and all sorts of heavy materials you may need to dispose of. Our commitment to recycling and energy recovery is at the forefront of our service. We offer several different skips of varying sizes to sort all of clients’ needs and budgets.

Non Hazardous Waste

Waste management and disposal need to be as per the type of waste. General waste needs to be dealt with differently, say in comparison to concrete green or soil waste.

Where businesses have individual needs, almost all need some form of general waste collection. To make sure that you are getting the best possible waste collection service, at The Skip Bins, we work with you to assess your general waste bin size requirements, the number of business locations you have, and the type of waste the number of collections needed. By working with you, we can ensure that your commercial rubbish collection is based on your company’s individual needs rather than just applying a “one-size-fits-all” solution. This means that you get precisely the service you need efficiently.

Depending on the business you run will depend on the types of waste you produce and the regularity of the collections that you need. To cater to all business types and sizes, we offer collections daily, weekly or even fortnightly depending on how frequently you need your rubbish collected.


Our general waste collection service takes care of all non-recyclable commercial waste produced by your business, including low-grade plastics, polythene & unrecyclable packaging.

A large number of the businesses that we work with combine a general waste collection service with one or more respective recycling services to optimize their business waste management solution. By combining our general waste collection with a recycling collection, you can ensure that your waste is segregated effectively. This will help you to meet current waste management legislation, reducing cross-contamination. This allows for more waste to be recycled efficiently and therefore sends less waste to landfills.